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In the world of wellness, we hear a lot about the benefits of Prenatal Pilates, and how it helps release tension in the bodies of expecting mothers and how it helps them as they prepare for childbirth. 

But what about Postnatal Pilates?

At Full Circle, we’re passionate about helping people to achieve their goals, every step of the way.

Below, we’ve listed off a few of our favourite reasons for getting into Postnatal Pilates:

Full Circle Studio - Postnatal Pilates Vancouver1. It’s safe. Safety and comfort are absolutely a top priority for us, especially if you’ve experienced a difficult labour. Once you’ve gotten the clearance from your healthcare provider to resume a gentle exercise practice, Pilates is a wonderful and safe way to reintegrate yourself into your regular routine with as little risk for injury as possible. You’ll be able to restoke that fire in your inner core which will equip you with the strength that you’ll need in order to accomplish all your every day tasks with ease.

2. It strengthens overall stability, and postural alignment. New moms tend to spend a lot of time in forward bending postures, whether it be from breastfeeding to bathing. This is not only uncomfortable, but these positions tend to be static, and cause our muscles to stiffen up, and the risk for back pain and sciatica increases. But fear not! Through bringing strength and awareness to our deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles, we wake up the muscles that are essential for pelvic and spinal alignment, particularly the lumbar spine.

3. Making connections. Pilates attracts all walks of life. Especially other new moms! Stepping into the studio for a class, allows for the opportunity to potentially meet new moms (like our very own studio owner Darcy)! Chatting with other mothers is a great chance to meet like-minded people, and not to mention get a few tips here or there 😉

4. It helps you get back into the life that you want and deserve. Pilates helps reconnect you back to YOU! Having a baby doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to ixnay all the “me-time” that you so deserve. So much work goes into preparing for having a baby, and of course not to mention the ever-obvious having the actual baby part. But inviting in time for Pilates, gives you the space to put all things aside for a moment, and just focus on you and your own needs. After all, a strong and radiant mother has so much to offer in this world!

You can read more about the benefits of Postnatal Pilates at these websites here, here & here.

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