Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - STOTT Teacher Training Kathryn Carlberg Instructor

Full Circle Studio is Vancouver’s only licensed STOTT Pilates teacher training facility. Every year, we help guide students along this new and exciting chapter of their careers and watch them grow and blossom as certified STOTT instructors. 

One of Full Circle’s most recent graduates, Kathryn Carlberg, showed exactly what it takes to become a successful Pilates instructor from the very beginning of her training. Kathryn completed a full level 1 training in 2015/16, completing the Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac and Barrels Intensive courses at our facility, under the guidance of our studio owner and STOTT Instructor Trainer, Darcy McMurray. In November of 2016, Kathryn completed her examination and obtained her certification, earning herself the status of certified STOTT Pilates Instructor. 

We couldn’t be more proud of Kathryn and her accomplishments. This past year, she showed tremendous devotion and determination and achieved the goals she had set out for herself. 

We sat down with Kathryn to find out a bit more about her Pilates story, and what it takes to become a successful Pilates instructor. We hope her answers will in turn inspire many of you.

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - STOTT Teacher Training Kathryn Carlberg Headshot

Kathryn Carlberg, Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor – Photo by Victor Totten

Full Circle: When did you discover Pilates?
Kathryn: I fell in love with Pilates 6 years ago, when I noticed it was an incredible way to keep my body conditioned and healthy while going to university, teaching dance, and training as a contemporary dancer.

FC: Why did you want to become a Pilates instructor?
Kathryn: I want to help others reconnect to their bodies. When I was introduced to Pilates, it completely changed my life for the better and did wonders for my mind and body. I want to help others achieve their goals, and I think Pilates is a fantastic avenue for that.

FC: Where and when did you complete your STOTT Pilates teacher training?
Kathryn: I took all the Level 1 STOTT Pilates teacher training courses at Full Circle Studio starting in October 2015 and took my exam pretty much one year later, in November 2016.

FC: How did you hear about Full Circle Studio and how did you get to know Darcy McMurray and discover her courses?
Kathryn: A friend of mine, was working towards her Advanced Pilates exam. In preparation, I had some private lessons with her at Full Circle Studio. I got to know Darcy McMurray around the same time, we were dancing together in a Judith Garay company. As I was dancing with Darcy and practicing Pilates at her studio, I started finding out more about the teacher training courses and knew it was the right program for me!

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - STOTT Teacher Training

Kathryn Carlberg, Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor – Photo by Everett Wouters

FC: You managed to get all of your training underway and obtain your certification in just under a year. Other than your strong will and determination, what do you attribute your success to?
Kathryn: I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients (my dance students, mother, boyfriend, and friends). The variety of clients helped me understand how truly unique our bodies are. This challenged me, but also motivated me to lean how to modify exercises, and explain things in a way that made sense to the client. I began to look more closely at the mechanics of the body and I started to see when things were or were not working efficiently.

FC: How did you prepare for your exam?
Kathryn: I typically spent about 4-6 hours a week practicing at Full Circle Studio. Half the time practicing on my own, the other half practicing teaching a friend or family member. Study time at home was very important too; carefully reading the manuals, memorizing the body sequencing and breath pattern of each exercise and understanding its function. I also studied human anatomy and watched the STOTT Pilates DVD’s over and over again.

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - STOTT Teacher Training Kathryn Carlberg

Kathryn Carlberg & Nicole Fox – Photo by Yvonne Chew

FC: How do you see your training and certification as a STOTT Pilates instructor as a compliment to your career as a dance instructor, or vice versa?
Kathryn: One reason why I wanted get my Pilates certification was so I could have the tools and knowledge to confidently teach dancers to move in a safe and mindful way.
I can now bring my students over to the poster of a skeleton and explain to them what we are attempting to achieve on an anatomical level when doing such a dance move. I am comfortable doing a postural analysis of my dancers to help them understand their own body mis-alignments. Sometimes I’ll even show them Pilates exercises, to help them feel the essence of the dance move and also build their sense of mind-body awareness. This, I hope, produces a more thoughtful, healthier dancer.

FC: What do you look forward to the most now?
Kathryn: Teaching and continuing to learn!

Kathryn Carlberg teaches a 6:30am Open Level Quartet Equipment class at Full Circle Studio on Friday mornings. She is also available for private sessions. Sign up online to work with Kathryn!

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - STOTT Teacher Training Kathryn Carlberg Instructor


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