At Full Circle we know that everyone has a unique journey with their health and with Pilates. We asked some of our staff about their experiences and are sharing their answers with you in hopes it inspires and encourages your own personal practice.

Gail Lotenburg

1. How did you get into Pilates?

Gail: I got into Pilates as a dancer. At first, I was trying to heal an injury. But then I found so much body awareness through Pilates that it became an essential training tool. It allowed me to discover the rich movement potential of my body while also assisting with injury prevention.

2. What inspires you the most about Pilates?

Gail: What inspires me about Pilates is how quickly I can draw people into a state of curiosity about their bodies rather than feeling angry or depressed about injuries and disfunction. I love how people come along on a journey into the internal space of their bodies. No one is completely pain or issue-free. But when people begin to the see their relationship with their bodies as a process that requires nurture and maintenance rather than neglect, again, they become empowered.

3. How has Pilates affected your life?

Gail: Pilates has made me a mindful person. I am not a deeply spiritual person, but through my study of the body, I have found a mindfulness practice that suits me. I love going for a walk and thinking of how my trunk is stabilizing in relationship to the movement of my legs. I go skiing and enjoy considering about how my hips are requiring additional strength to meet the challenge of speed. It sounds superficial but it really opens a rich imaginative source for me into the somatic vessel I live in.