At Full Circle we know that everyone has a unique journey with their health and with Pilates. We asked some of our staff about their experiences and are sharing their answers with you in hopes it inspires and encourages your own personal practice.

Alison Ward

1. How did you get into Pilates?

Alison: My Mom.  She started teaching Pilates in her late 40’s initially to help cross train her dance students.  She encouraged me to take take the teacher training as I already had teaching experience through dance, and was waiting tables at the time to support my theatre career.  This seemed like a much more sustainable “day job” for an artist.

2. What inspires you the most about Pilates?

Alison: The transformation I have seen and continue to see in the people who make Pilates a part of their lives.  I saw years fall away from both my parents after one year of Pilates.  The way they walked, sat, even their faces seemed fresh and young.  Other clients, friends, family members have had the ability to walk up stairs again, avoid scheduled back or hip surgeries, and generally just stay and/or “get” young. Taking Pilates is like rewinding the clock on your body.  It’s not about vanity, it’s about functionality and improving the quality of your life.


3. How has Pilates affected your life?

Alison: I am absolutely stronger than I was 10 years ago when I first started teaching.  I have continued to Highland Dance professionally well into my 30’s- which is incredibly hard on one’s body – and am able to avoid injury as well as recover from aches strains and imbalances.  Pilates has been a wonderful compliment to my recreational life, as well as my acting and dancing.   I’ve learned so much about the human body – and stay interested as there is constantly something new to learn.