At Full Circle we know that everyone has a unique journey with their health and with Pilates. We asked some of our staff about their experiences and are sharing their answers with you in hopes it inspires and encourages your own personal practice.

Ali Denham

1. How did you get into Pilates?

Ali: I first encountered Pilates while training in the Ballet B.C. Mentor Program in 1997. An ex dancer who ran his own studio in North Vancouver came and taught us students matwork. I then encountered the equipment through Marta Hernandez and Evangeline Duy at their studio in Yaletown back 1999. A few years later while I was in the dance company Dancemakers in Toronto, Dianne Miller would come out every year from Vancouver for 3 weeks and teach us matwork. I guess I can easily say that I got into Pilates through my dance career.

2. What inspires you the most about Pilates?

Ali: Pilates inspires me to seek out myself. My alignment, my breath, my connection to my true desire to exist in a healthy and stable state. It forces me to look within, not in an egotistical direction, but in a searching for understanding of how I feel and move. It challenges me on so many levels and I love how when I’m doing it all the stresses of my life fall away and I can be extremely present.

3. How has Pilates affected your life?

Ali: Pilates has become a consistent practice in my life. I have had major breakthroughs and then long plateaus in my own practice and in my teaching of Pilates. It is a journey and I feel like it helps keep me humble. I have found strength that I had no idea I contained. I can see that there is endless information to absorb and I love the complexity of the work.