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Thanks to Pacific North West Pilates, we were able to narrow down a few Pilates life hacks that will make your introduction into Pilates as easeful and enjoyable as possible and therefor able to receive maximum benefit.

1. Find the right studio and teacher for you
We can’t speak enough about this. An experienced and attentive instructor will know exactly how to tailor a Pilates program that will fit you like a glove and attend to all your personal goals and needs.

2. Be patient
It’s hard to be a beginner and Pilates isn’t necessarily easy. Remind yourself to be patient, open up your mind and try. When you feel like a beginner, congratulate yourself: you’re growing and this is where all the juicy stuff happens.

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3. Schedule for success
To learn any new skill requires dedication, attention and time. A new Pilates student should expect to take private or group classes at least twice per week to reap the benefits. Just think, when you look back you’ll be able to see your investment in your personal well being. How good is that?!

4. Make time
Arrive early to class, turn off your mobile and take time to unwind. When you take a few extra steps to sort yourself out, it allows your more time to settle into your body and experience. Not to mention, it will allow for greater integration for all that you’ve learned!

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5. Practice
Just like everything, Pilates takes practice. A helpful tip is to ask your instructor for homework and tips for better posture to help you integrate new habits into your day. Plus, every instructor love’s a passionate student!

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