There is a constant that runs through all practice here at Full Circle:

the power of breath.


The strength and importance of deep breathing cannot be underestimated in a Pilates practice and in life in general.

You may be curious as to why such emphasis is placed on such a basic human exercise, but the benefits of controlled and rehearsed deep breathing are well documented.

We found this great article by Marguerite Ogle for VeryWell that explains the benefits of deep breathing in Pilates. 

Mermaid Stretch on the Cadillac

Full Circle Studio – East Vancouver Pilates: Mermaid Stretch on the Cadillac

For instance, along with steading the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, deep breathing can help hasten the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all the body’s cells.

In essence we are trying to maximize the positive effects of our breath, with an inhalation that opens the rib cage and an exhalation that lifts the thorax.

Try and visualize the actions below when you are next in the studio and focus on the ins and outs of your breath.