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The benefits of Pilates and why the world is embracing it!

1. It’s great for the body!

It’s an active (not passive) form of therapy – you are rehabilitating yourself! The slow, fluid, and controlled movements of Pilates attune us to have the capacity to actually shift postural patterns that cause pain. When we can move well slowly, we have a way better chance of moving well quickly!
In addition, the focus on isolating body parts, challenges us to engage under stimulated muscle groups, while simultaneously easing tension in overexerted areas of the body. This, in turn develops self-awareness that will flow into other areas of your life. This brings us to point # 2…

2. It’s great for the mind!

Why is Pilates a mind & body exercise? The body part is easy to understand, but why the mind? The expansive breath work of Pilates not only gives you energy, but it also assists our capacity to focus inward, increasing our sense of body awareness and our ability to concentrate and relax our mind -even outside of class time! The breath work of Pilates will not only relax the mind, but this style of breathing assists in detoxing the body, helping us build immunity to keep those colds at bay!

3. It’s suitable at any level, for every person!

The beauty of Full Circle Studio’s approach to teaching Pilates lies in its versatility. We can modify any exercise to suit one’s needs, from training professional athletes to rehabilitating patients, there is sure to be a benefit for everyone. Have you ever heard someone say: “I’m not strong enough for Pilates“? This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Pilates. Pilates is not an exclusive practice for athletic or strong people, quite the opposite actually. We specialize in rehabilitation, our goal is to get you moving pain free! Let’s reach this goal together in 2017!

4. Helps you achieve your goals quickly!

One of the greatest things about Pilates is how quickly you are able to notice a change in your body. Some people feel a difference just after one session! And others say they are better able to concentrate only after a few sessions. We often have clients say that even after a single session, they leave our studio feeling taller and more balanced. In fact, Joseph Pilates always said: “In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.”
Ultimately when you commit to a steady weekly practice, you will accelerate your progression and you will be able to steadily achieve your goals!

5. It’ll keep the doctors away!

We believe you should try Pilates first! At Full Circle, we’ve had clients come to us, who had been told that they would need surgeries to fix their ailments and that their body would only worsen with time. Through a steady regimen at our studio, and exercises done at home, these clients defied the odds and have proven the surgeons wrong! They were able to run again, they are living pain-free, they don’t need a cane to walk. They changed their alignment and are still improving -they didn’t need surgery to succeed. Here’s the beauty of Pilates: it’s healing and keeps you injury-free!

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