Summer has finally arrived and we just can’t help but get excited about one thing:

taking our Pilates practice outdoors!

All you need is a mat and if you’re lucky enough to have any of the following props (which FYI…are all available for purchase at the studio), throw them in your beach bag and off you go!

Here are our favourite props that we love to bring with us outdoors:

  1. Squishy Ball. The squishy ball is great for any upper-ab curl by either supporting the upper thoracic & cervical spine, or to keep between your knees to allow for a stronger adductor, pelvic floor and abdominal connection. The squishy ball is also great to assist in upper thoracic extension, either passively when laying on your back and having the ball between the shoulder blades, or actively when you are laying on your stomach, and you place the ball under the sternum and gently press yourself into extension. 
  2. Flex band. These bands offer wonderful resistance when doing a half-roll back, by wrapping the band around your feet and holding onto the sides, as demonstrated by Full Circle Instructor Hana Rutka:
  3. Fitness Circle. A perfectly lightweight prop that fits in an oversized beach bag. This is a great prop to place between the legs (for a stronger adductor connection) or on the outside of the legs (for an abductor connection) when doing Side Leg Lift Series. The Fitness Circle can also be used to press down onto like in Spine Stretch Forward. 
  4. Yellow Sensi Balls. These balls are wonderful to give ourselves some padding beneath our hip flexors when laying prone to do a single leg extension, or alternatively underneath the pelvis to challenge lumbo-pelvic stability when doing toe taps.
  5. Foam Cushion (optional). A foam cushion or yoga foam block may benefit us to support our head and cervical spine when doing any kind of side-lying or supine work.
If you’d like to treat yourself to a prop to keep at home, or bring with you to the beach, we carry them all at the studio. Come by and check them out! 

Squishy Ball = $15

Flex Band = $17 (available in medium strength or strong)

Fitness Circle = $50

Yellow Sensi Balls = $22

We welcome you to book a private one-on-one session with an instructor today who can help you build your at-home, or outdoor, Mat Pilates workout repertoire. Call us 604-566-0053 or email us to get started today!