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 Joseph Pilates once said: “Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour.” And we couldn’t agree more…


In our last blog post, we talked about how Pilates can transform people’s lives and help people achieve their goals of living pain-free and working past injuries. Today, we want to discuss the commitment it takes to get there.

If you have an injured body and you’ve been referred to Pilates as a compliment to your rehabilitation, it’s best to start off slowly working privately with an instructor. If Pilates is new to you, it’s important to remember to give your body the time it needs to break down old patterns and develop proper coordination.

Although it is possible, it’s often hard to notice any significant progress in just one session, especially when we are dealing with an injury and are relatively new to Pilates. The work that we do, when trying to stabilize and strengthen an injured body part, is slow and demands lots of self-patience. In my personal experience, the longer and harder the rehab process is, the better the long term results will be. We put in the hard work now, to undo years of poor engagement and alignment, to better preserve ourselves for the future. It’s arduous work, especially as we begin to recruit muscles and parts of the body that are not used to stimulation. 

Full Circle Studio Pilates - Vancouver, BC

Full Circle Studio Pilates – Vancouver, BC

Any rehab program is arduous work and demands a great deal of patience and self-care. Pilates in particular will only yield the results we want if we stay committed to our practice and devote ourselves to a steady weekly regimen. Taking too long of a break in between sessions will not only slow down your progress, but bring you back to square one.

Our advice: find a space that works for you, find an instructor that can help you, and set-up a steady weekly routine that works for you. Then, stick with it! Keep at it until you have the confidence and strength to join some group classes. And even then, keep practicing!

Often old injuries are like an onion: you need to peel the layers back to reach the root of the problem. Don’t fall off the roster, especially when it starts to become more difficult. Only then will you finally be able to overcome the hurdles associated with your rehabilitation and achieve your goals. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are strong and healthy bodies!

If you need some support with your rehabilitation, we can help you get there and keep you motivated along the way. Contact us today to set up a private Pilates session at our East Vancouver studio located in beautiful British-Columbia BC!