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Joseph Pilates once said that “a body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.
Let us break that down….

There are so many reasons why we are passionate about Pilates at Full Circle... where do we even begin? From developing greater core connection and engagement to relief from daily aches and pains, and the list goes on and on... But, what us makes us the most excited is that we get to support you along your path of well-being. We can’t say enough how amazing and rewarding it is to see those around us find peace not only in their bodies but in their minds -inside and outside of the studio. Not to mention, here in Vancouver when the rain starts pouring, we love any excuse for an indoor (and dry) pick me up.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons why Pilates is wonderful for mental & physical health.

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1. Deeper muscle activation allows for better function of the nervous system.

Our brain is in constant dialogue with our bodies, and especially with our spinal cord and muscle fibres. Each time we work to connect and engage specific muscle groups such as deep core activation (which is a key focus in Pilates), we connect more intimately with our nervous system. The greater and more frequent the connection, the healthier our nervous system becomes and as a result we experience the release of stress-fighting and mood-balancing hormones.

2. Pilates places the focus on one thing at a time, allowing for increased mindfulness and the release of stress tension in the body.

When we allow ourselves the gift of slowing down and placing our focus on one thing at a time, we allow ourselves with the opportunity to connect with the present moment and whatever it may have to offer. As a result of living in the modern era, we often exist in a state of “fight-or-flight” in response to internal and external stresses. However, while this “flight-or-flight” response can be immensely helpful during times of immediate danger, more often than not, our body habitually releases unwarranted waves of stress hormones when there is in fact no real danger. Ever have that feeling of running from a bear, when there’s no bear around?

By staying active in our bodies, we begin to metabolize the gradual buildup of stress hormones and avoid the development of tension in our bodies such as hypertension, muscle spasms and general pain. Pilates specifically reduces this built up tension by engaging in gradual conditioning and gentle stretching on a regular basis. We’re big believers that by releasing stress in the body, we also release it from our mind.

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - STOTT Teacher Training

Kathryn Carlberg, Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor at Full Circle Studio – Photo by Everett Wouters

3. Pilates builds confidence!

It’s tough out there in the world sometimes… especially when it comes to the pressures of conforming to standards of beauty, fitness and everyday ways of life. But we say, to heck with that! Pilates expands our respect for our bodies and our lives by meeting it exactly where it’s at and most importantly allows us to adhere to our own unique needs. With acceptance, comes respect, and with respect comes self love & confidence! We’re firm believers that when we feel empowered in our body and mind we find confidence in all areas of our life.

So here’s to Pilates and Peace of Mind, and the exciting life that awaits you!

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates

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