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Pilates for the Skeptics

Have you ever heard someone say: “I’m not strong enough for Pilates“? This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Pilates. I’ve heard people say this to me more times than I care to count, and it couldn’t be farther from reality!

Pilates Group Equipment Class on the Reformers - Full Circle Studio Pilates

Pilates Group Equipment Class on the Reformers – Full Circle Studio

Pilates is not an exclusive practice for athletic or strong people, quite the opposite actually

A lot of people think that you need to be athletic and strong to be able to practice Pilates. False! In fact, people with weaker bodies will often reap more benefits from Pilates and transform their bodies more drastically than people with stronger bodies. While Pilates is very helpful to to athletic people, it can completely change the lives of people dealing with chronic aches and pains, when they commit to a steady weekly practice.

Pilates completely transforms the lives of those who commit to a steady weekly practice

At Full Circle, we’ve had clients come to us who had been told that they would need surgeries to fix them, that they would never be able to chase after their kids in the park without pain, that they would never be able to run a marathon again, that they would need to walk with a cane for the rest of their lives, and that their ailments would only worsen with time. Through a steady regimen of weekly sessions at the studio, and exercises done at home, these clients defied all odds and proved everyone wrong. They are able to run again, they are living pain-free, they don’t need a cane to walk, they are getting better, and they didn’t all need surgery to succeed.

Most of them attribute much of their progress to their steady Pilates practice. And they should! They committed to a steady practice and they put in all of the hard work. The transformations we’ve witnessed here at the studio are almost unbelievable. And that’s the power of setting your mind towards something and having the support to allow your body to follow.

If Pilates is new to you, it’s best to dip your toe in the water before jumping in. Especially is you are dealing with any particular ailments in your body.


Full Circle Studio – Private Pilates Session on the Cadillac

Getting started with Pilates at Full Circle Studio

Some Pilates methods cater less to each individual’s needs than the approach we take at our studio. We place a strong focus on postural re-alignment and modifying for each individual: that’s why we keep our group classes small!

Perhaps that’s why we’ve had such great results rehabilitating many of our clients issues…

Full Circle Studio Private Session - Pilates Movement Arts

Full Circle Studio – Private Pilates Session on the Cadillac

The best approach to Pilates, if it is a new method to you, is to book a one-on-one private session. From there, you may want to slowly move over to gentle group classes, or keep working individually until you have the strength and confidence to carry your practice over to a group setting.

If you are dealing with chronic pain due to a recurring injury, we recommend working privately and following the class recommendations advised by your Pilates instructor.

You don’t need to live in pain. Contact us today to set up a Pilates practice at our studio.