In a recent post, we discussed whether or not playing music during Pilates is beneficial. We appreciated all of your responses, and because everyone is so unique, there is no right answer that works for everyone.
Here at Full Circle, we love music. We have hosted lots of live music events here in our cozy studio, and there is even a community choir that rehearses here once a week. (Check out Raincoast Choir here!)

Rain Coast Choir performing at Full Circle Studio for the Wet Winter Showcase, Dec. 9th 2017

When it comes to music during classes, we choose to exercise moderation
. When the studio is quiet, with just a few private sessions going on, or one class only, we may choose to play music that adds a comforting feeling to the space. That could range from classical to singer-songwriter to R&B classics. Depending on the class, we choose music that is either relaxing or energizing.

At our busiest times, we tend to press pause on the tunes. When we have more than one classes happening in the space, we want to ensure that our clients can to tune into their instructor. With so much to focus going into breathing, body awareness and choreography, the best way we can help our clients is to minimize distractions.

For some of our more advanced classes that require less instruction and are more fast-paced, we like to play music that is between 70-100 beats per minute. This range tends to work well with the pace of the movements, the pace of the instructor’s directions and the rhythm of the breath in our upper level classes. Jogging apps are a great way to find playlists with a specific bpm.


To hear what we like to play in class, here is a link to our Spotify playlist.

If you have any favourite tunes for practicing Pilates, let us know
we’re all ears!