We love all our clients and especially love hearing stories of their personal journey with Pilates! Here is Kate’s story:

Kate Hammett-Vaughan is a reputable Canadian Jazz Vocalist and Voice Teacher that we are honoured to have as a neighbour and devoted client. When we first met Kate, she was ex
periencing sciatic pain, scoliosis, some spinal stenosis, and bursitis in her hips. She had been walking with a cane for two years and had been told that surgery would be her best option. For your ‪#‎InspirationOfTheDay‬ we would like to share Kate’s testimonial:

“Six months later, after working twice a week with Darcy and her very skilled group of instructors, my body pain has been greatly reduced, and I am stronger and more mobile than I have been in two decades. No more cane, no more limping. The work has also positively affected my life as a professional singer (breath and posture being crucial elements) and the lives of my students who now have a more physically fit, happy and energized teacher to work with.”

We are so proud of you Kate, thank you for inspiring us all!

To find out more about Kate and her voice lessons please visit her website: http://katehv.com/

If you have a story you would like to share with us please let us know either in person or by emailing fullcirclevancouver@gmail.com. We can’t express enough how much these personal stories of Pilates having a positive impact on your lives mean to us!