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Living with osteoarthritis comes with its challenges, but with the implementation of a consistent exercise program such as Pilates, pain and immobility no longer has to be at the forefront of your daily life. Pilates has chalk-full of benefits, and especially for those who experience pain from osteoarthritis. What we’re getting at, is that you don’t need to suffer, and that we’re here to help things get a little easier.

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Unlike many other forms of exercises, Pilates is also gentle on our bodies. Think, effortless effort. It is low-impact and doesn’t strain your joints, or cause further damage to ligaments and cartilage. Plus, strengthening and stretching our bodies increases overall blood-flow in the body, which allows for the transmission of nutrients into our muscles and tendons. Not to mention, the use of specific breathing techniques allows us to return to centre, and relieves any potential stress that has built up over time.

You can read more about the wonderful benefits of Pilates for those with osteoarthritis on this website here.Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates

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