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It all starts with “How can you offer yourself goodness wherever you are?”

When we ask ourself this question, we begin to tap into what is truly needed in any moment, regardless of where we are. Let’s face it, we go on vacation to feel relax and feel good. Here comes sloth mode….. but not exactly. Practicing Pilates when we’re travelling is a really easy and wonderful way to get our bodies feeling energized, while simultaneously feeling rested. It really is the best of both worlds!


We’ve thought of some simple (and convenient) ways that you can practice Pilates while on Vacation.

  1. Small props & small places. Many of the props that we use and sell (wink wink) in the studio, are light and small enough to tuck into your suitcase. Think flex bands for leg work, and Fitness Circles to add resistance to your workout, and maybe a couple of myofascial balls to help release tense muscles, much like a foam-roller would. Here’s a complete list of our props on sale!
  2. Work with an Instructor privately before you go. Working one-on-one with an instructor is a great way to set up a routine that works best for you, and your individual needs. Sign-up for a private here!
  3. Pilates on-the-go. Think about it, you’ll be on a plane, or a ferry, or maybe even killing time during a lay over. Travelling alone can sometimes wear us out, with all of that sitting in cramped up positions (like the plane). But with the help of props that you’ve hopefully tucked into your carry along, you can make use of this wonderful opportunity to release tension and feel a little more at ease.
  4.  Find a studio where you’re going. It can be nice to have a sense of familiarity when travelling, so by checking out new studios where you’re travelling to, it can be a refreshing way to feel like you’re at home, without actually being at home.
  5. Pilates is gentle. You’ll hear this a lot from us, and let’s face it, you didn’t go on vacation to work, or exhaust yourself. Pilates is a great way to still take it easy, and get your body moving in a way that feels good and energizing. Gently strengthening and stretching our bodies increases overall blood-flow in the body, making us feel truly alive and awake. 

But most of all, enjoy yourself and that well-earned vacation time. We look forward to seeing you when you return 😉

You can read more about doing Pilates while travelling, at this great blog here