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It is a common misconception that if you struggle from joint pain, that you should avoid movement at all costs as it might be uncomfortable. The truth is quite the opposite! Although it is crucial to listen to when your body is in need of rest, it is also crucial to introduce regular movement such as Pilates. Pilates is incredibly beneficial to those that are experiencing joint paint as it provides the opportunity to strengthen muscles around the joint and increase joint flexibility. Above all, Pilates is low impact and low intensity. In simpler terms, it is nor overwhelming, or exhausting.

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The Word on ‘Wear  & Tear’

We often experience misalignment in our bodies because our joints have lost elasticity and flexibility. When our joints are no longer able to freely move as they would love to, injuries or chronic pain often follows suit. In addition, there is often a lack of awareness around proper rest following more conventional methods of exercise. Not to mention day to day strain from just living can be taxing on our joints. The most effective way to work preventatively in terms of avoiding injuries is to target specific muscle groups and stretch the joints on a regular basis.


What about arthritis?

You may have already guessed that Arthritis has something to do with joint pain. While we are definitely not recommending Pilates as a replacement for medical treatment, a regular Pilates routine can compliment an already established treatment program. Forms of exercise such as Pilates may help to relieve some of the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Gentle Pilates movement will work to break down the osteophytes that stiffen and immobilize our achy arthritic joints.


So what are some more benefits?

·Beneficial for folks of all ages. Like we said before, pilates is low impact and low intensity in terms of its quality. This means that the movements are softer on the joints, providing relief for anyone, whether or not you experience joint pain.

·Strengthen your mind-body awareness. With regular practice of Pilates, you are able to develop a stronger relationship between your mind and your body. What does this mean? You’ll become more sensitive to how you can best help and listen to your body by understanding all its messages.

·Greater core strength. Think of your core as being a foundation for a home. Your body, being the home. By strengthening your core muscles, you ensure greater stability, strength and length in the rest of your body, such as your spine, knees, hips and shoulders. Think strong core, happy body. Not only will you find more ease in performing movements elsewhere in your body, you’ll also find you have better overall posture too.

So all in all, do you need to be dealing with joint pain in order to benefit from Pilates? Absolutely not! But it might be the secret ingredient to enjoying your life even more,and with less pain. 

You can read more on the relationship between Joint Pain and Pilates, here.

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