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The benefits of Pilates to improve athletic performance are endless. With a high impact, full body sport like tennis, a consistent Pilates practice is essential to not only keep the body injury free, but to also develop more strength and stability which will in turn drastically improve your groundstrokes, speed and agility on court. 

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - Pilates for Tennis player

As STOTT PILATES Master Instructor Trainer Stefania Michas explains, on this great blog post here, “any sport that results in an imbalance of strength and flexibility between the two sides of the body can be improved from off-court training that attempts to provide symmetry and balance. [Pilates] training can work to restore greater symmetry in the body which will allow for a stronger, more connected game.

She adds: “Exercises that work on abductor strength as well as hip, knee and ankle stability will be useful.

Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates (Mermaids on the STOTT Reformer)

The Reformer is an excellent tool to work the leg, in particular the ankle, knee and hip joint, to ensure that the leg muscles are stabilizing the joints.

Upper body stability and mobility are important, as is shoulder stability. You cannot generate the proper amount of power without having a stable base to start from.

Full Circle Studio - Cadillac in Use

Using the spring resistance of a reformer machine will allow you to strengthen and stabilize your lower body in a safe and low impact way.

The relationship between Pilates and tennis is one that is very personal to our studio manager Stephanie. Tennis has been her biggest passion ever since she picked up a racket at the age of 5. But after suffering a knee injury as a teenager, Stephanie was sidelined from doing one of the things that brought her the most joy in life.

“All of the physiotherapists that I saw as a teenager weren’t quite sure what was wrong with my knee. They just told me to stop running and to stop playing tennis. Well, that was heartbreaking to hear,” she says. But all that changed when Stephanie started working at Full Circle Studio. She fell in love with Pilates, and like many others, she quickly discovered the many healing benefits of Pilates. “Using the spring resistance of the reformer machines, I realized I could strengthen my glutes and legs in a low impact way, that didn’t cause any pain to my knee. After only just a small handful of classes, I could feel my lower body getting stronger and my knee becoming more stable.”

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - Pilates for Tennis players

“After 10 years of not playing tennis due to injury, I am back on the court, competing in both singles and doubles. It’s thanks to Pilates that I picked up my racket again and now have the time and the ability to do what I love. 

This isn’t a sales pitch. This is my personal story, and I hope it inspires others to regain control of their bodies, heal their injuries, and get back to doing the things they love doing!”

Ultimately, whether you are a competitive or recreational tennis player, Pilates can help you drastically improve your tennis game. And we, at Full Circle Studio, can help you get to where you need to be so you can ace your serves, get more pace on your groundstrokes, improve your footwork, and all while keeping the injuries at bay! 

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