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We have had a number of clients ask us lately about their readiness to transition from either mat classes or private sessions to our group equipment classes. We want to let you know that this is not as daunting as it may seem!

Our group classes hold a maximum of 4 clients at a time so that the instructor can assess and adjust clients on the equipment where necessary. Below are some examples of a path you might take to join group classes:

The Complete Pilates Beginner

If you are new to Pilates, first of all, welcome! We are always very excited to have clients join the studio and begin their journey of physical and mental well-being through the art of Pilates movement. In these cases we recommend starting with an introductory private session. This session will not only introduce you to the equipment but will also introduce you to muscles you might not even have known existed! Developing mind-body awareness is the focus of your first sessions.

We offer packages of 5, 10 or 20 private sessions here at the studio and this is a great option to start with for beginners who want to eventually join in the fun of group classes! Our instructors are all very adaptable, please make sure to tell them if one of your goals is to join the group classes and they will tailor your experience to meet this goal.

The Mat Student

If you are comfortable in mat classes and have been attending these for awhile then your body is already conditioned for the core exercises that await you in group equipment classes. In this case we would recommend 1 private session with an instructor to go over the basics of how the Reformer moves, how to use the straps, and how to make adjustments etc. Because you are already familiar with the mat repertoire one class private session should be all you need to get going on group equipment classes (note: we still recommend the open level classes for beginners on the equipment!)

Getting Back in the Groove

Maybe you’ve taken an extended break from Pilates (hey, life happens!). If you’re looking to get back into your Pilates practice again we still recommend starting with a Private session so that the instructor can assess your current posture, problem areas, and what makes the most sense for you as you move forward while also getting you reacquainted with the equipment. You would be surprised how quickly your body responds to regular Pilates workouts especially if it has been conditioned to them previously.

Please note that all of these scenarios are just examples and we are happy to answer any specific questions you may have about your personal routine. Group equipment classes are fun, energetic, and a great way to round out any Pilates practice.

Contact us today so we can help get you started!

reformer, group class