You deserve to get as much out of your Pilates practice as possible and as with many things in life – preparation is key


You may find that changing your pre-Pilates routine will greatly improve the results you get from your class. Sustenance is probably the most important part of this preparation and Full Circle has a few recipes for you to try before your next class.


Some of our go-to meals and snacks:

(just click to be taken to the recipe)

Banana nut oatmeal

Kale, cranberry and pecan salad

Vanilla yogurt chia pudding

Sweet potato “toast

Light quinoa and roasted pepper chilli

Our resident anatomy specialist has collected a few of our snacking favorites, but be careful… he doesn’t share!



A very interesting article published on Pilates Fitness Institute’s website provides all the background information you need to give your body the best possible pilates fuel.