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At Full Circle, we prefer to think of New Years as an opportunity to reinvest in what inspires us. If your resolutions inspire you, they are more likely to stick! If you are inspired to make healthier, more positive choices for yourself and your body, this is a chance to renew your commitment to your Pilates practice.

We had some fun imagining ways that Joseph Pilates’ Six Principles of Pilates might apply to deepening our practice in the New Year.



1 – Concentration: What can we concentrate on more in order to deepen our practice? What specific goals can we set to increase our motivation? Chat with your instructor about an achievable goal that you can work toward this year.

2 – Centering: How can we place our self-care at the centre of our lives? With our busy lives, how can we ensure that the activities that support us, like Pilates, remain a priority? This might be a matter of re-organizing our schedule, carving out more time for ourselves, or letting go of something that’s draining our energy.

3 – Control: How can we bring our Pilates practice into our everyday lives? How can we integrate what we are learning in class into how we sit at our desk, how we stand while we’re waiting in line, how we lift a box up to the top shelf?

4 – Breathing: We can always deepen our practice by focusing more consistently on our breath. Not only does this create a stronger core connection, but it also improves our concentration, helping us to gain the most benefit from each exercise.

5 – Precision: This is the part where we follow through on our goals. Once we set our intentions for the New Year, whether it’s committing to and extra class per week or simply remaining true to our existing schedule, precision is about showing up for ourselves and keeping it up all year round.

Full Circle Studio - Pilates Equipment Class (Vancouver, BC)

Full Circle Studio – Pilates Equipment Class (Vancouver, BC)

6 – Flow: There’s an ebb and flow to everything, and that includes us. This final principle reminds us to move smoothly and gracefully toward our goals. This might mean accepting a set-back along the way. Forgive yourself if you miss a class, and celebrate the small victories.

We wish you a happy, healthy New Year and look forward to doing all we can to support you in achieving your Pilates goals.

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