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Anula Maiberg, a remarkable Pilates instructor and co-owner of Sixth Street Pilates Studio in Manhattan, is paving the way for self-acceptance, self-empowerment and overall self-confidence in the fitness world.

Photo by EMILY JOHNSTON for Huffington Post

Maiberg is living proof, that embracing who you are, and everything that comes along with your own unique make-up, isn’t just beneficial for your own happiness, but it shines outwards too. It can inspire others to feel at home in their bodies. You can see that your power as an individual, doesn’t just stop at you.

Like many other women, Maiberg describes herself as a “curvy, full-figured lady”. However, she definitely doesn’t let this define her. She explains that people often seek someone to look up to, in all realms – not just the physical. It’s clear that her main goal is to empower her clients to surpass limiting self beliefs, and land themselves in exciting new territory, where they are proud of how far they’ve come. She notes, that it doesn’t need to be some profound, huge leap. It can be as simple as holding plank for a minute. It’s the little, day-to-day improvements that have lasting and substantial worth


At Full Circle, we share her view that “Pilates isn’t only fitness. It’s a life. It’s a set of thoughts, connecting your mind to your body, being present, [and] breathing,” More so, we see you for far more than meets the eye. We see your story, all that is beneath, and what’s real. We see your whole, and shining true self. 

Read more about Anula on the Huffington Post, here.

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