Spring is upon us and it sighs with renewal, growth and fresh perspective. Not to mention all the fresh buds blooming all around us, the daffodils whom begin to peak above the soil to greet us and the cherry blossoms that will soon be adorning our beautiful Vancouver trees. Spring inspires us to embrace light-heartedness […]

We lead busy lives, and often it can be hard to find a spare moment to relax during the week. Between work (or school), staying fit, maintaining homes, and fulfilling modern obligations like keeping up on social media, there just isn’t too much spare time. This leads to a lot of stress, and by the […]

We have found the ultimate guilt-free treat. This is the perfect post (or pre) Pilates snack! This recipe combines chocolate, tahini and dates – all of which are rich in magnesium. Why do we need magnesium? Magnesium helps us to absorb calcium and other minerals, activates enzymes to create cellular energy, prevents muscle cramping, relieves migraines […]


Pilates has been known to develop greater core strength and provide relief from daily aches and pains while also being easy on the joints and helps hone focus and brainpower. There’s just so much to love about this discipline, thanks to Joseph Pilates’ groundbreaking work in the 1920s. But one thing that remains an ongoing […]

Here at the studio, we love working with all types of athletes. With our Canadian hockey team in the Olympic finals, it’s a great moment to highlight the benefits of Pilates for hockey players, and why so many NHL teams are incorporating Pilates into their team training schedules — the Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, […]

In case you missed our January newsletter… Here is an exceptionally inspiring story of one of our superstar clients.   Kate Hammett-Vaughan is a Canadian Jazz Vocalist and Voice Teacher that we are honoured to have as our client. When we first met Kate, she was experiencing sciatic pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and bursitis in her hips. She had […]


A few of us here at the studio are cutting down on our coffee intake. As you fellow coffee lovers will know, it’s not easy to do! We love our morning coffees and have come to rely on them too. Here’s the thing: coffee is hard on the adrenals. With every cup, it stimulates the […]