Here at the studio, we love working with all types of athletes. With our Canadian hockey team in the Olympic finals, it’s a great moment to highlight the benefits of Pilates for hockey players, and why so many NHL teams are incorporating Pilates into their team training schedules — the Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, […]

In case you missed our January newsletter… Here is an exceptionally inspiring story of one of our superstar clients.   Kate Hammett-Vaughan is a Canadian Jazz Vocalist and Voice Teacher that we are honoured to have as our client. When we first met Kate, she was experiencing sciatic pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and bursitis in her hips. She had […]


A few of us here at the studio are cutting down on our coffee intake. As you fellow coffee lovers will know, it’s not easy to do! We love our morning coffees and have come to rely on them too. Here’s the thing: coffee is hard on the adrenals. With every cup, it stimulates the […]

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At Full Circle, we prefer to think of New Years as an opportunity to reinvest in what inspires us. If your resolutions inspire you, they are more likely to stick! If you are inspired to make healthier, more positive choices for yourself and your body, this is a chance to renew your commitment to your Pilates […]

This delicious, warming soup is a great way to enjoy the longest nights of the year. This recipe originated as an attempt to create something with what was in the kitchen – because it was too cold and rainy to run to the store! And guess what – it was a huge hit. Ingredients 1 […]

We believe that this time of year should be less about making resolutions, and more about sourcing inspirations. If your resolutions inspire you, they are more likely to stick! What inspires us at Full Circle Studio? …YOU! Hearing your stories and knowing that we are helping you, is what motivates us all! Stories like Kate’s, are what drive us to keep […]

Alright, we’ve hit the sweet spot when it comes to self love. This time, we’re talking about the holy-grail of baths. But… it’s not just your average bath. This my friends, is nothing other than the ‘Miracle Detox Bath’ and it only calls for 3 simple ingredients. All you need is 1 cup epsom bath […]