Mark your calendars! Once again this year, Full Circle has joined the wonderful Sweat For Sight initiative that seeks to raise funds to help eradicate preventable blindness. On Thursday October 12, come and join us for a 7pm blindfolded Pilates mat class led by Full Circle instructor Alison Ward.  All proceeds from this event will be donated to […]

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - Chris Wright Side Twist

Here we’ve brought together 5 of our favourite equipment-free exercises that we absolutely swear by. All you need is yourself and the best part is that each of these exercises targets all angles – legs, arms, hips and back. You’ll be feeling this all over, in the best way possible. We especially recommend this in […]

Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates & Teacher Training

It is a common misconception that if you struggle from joint pain, that you should avoid movement at all costs as it might be uncomfortable. The truth is quite the opposite! Although it is crucial to listen to when your body is in need of rest, it is also crucial to introduce regular movement such […]

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - Homemade Popsicle Recipe - Refreshing

Summer is in full swing and it can be tempting to reach for those cool, sugary, frozen treats for a bit of relief. We’ve got an idea for a better, healthier choice! How about a home-made, high protein popsicle? They do take a bit more planning than grabbing a Freezie from the corner store but […]

Full Circle Studio - Advanced Pilates Teacher Training - Vancouver STOTT Pilates

Get a glimpse of our STOTT Pilates Teacher Training, as Darcy McMurray instructs an Advanced Teaser on the Reformer in today’s featured exercise video. Featured alongside Darcy are Kathryn Carlberg, (Full Circle Studio Instructor, dancer and certified STOTT Instructor,) and Danielle Gould, (professional ballet dancer and STOTT Instructor.)

Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates - Pilates for Cyclists

While there are many benefits to cycling, such as increased lung capacity and overall greater cardiovascular health, often certain areas of the body are forgotten or overlooked, such as the arms and shoulders. By introducing Pilates as a complimentary work-out to your cycling routine, you can increase your overall flexibility and strength which not only […]

The Fleurilla Girls at Studio Full Bloom, have totally blown us away this time with their outstanding flower arrangements for their most recent botanical installation at Full Circle. Full Bloom is a local boutique flower and plant shop located just off Commercial Drive. With a mission is to spread beauty in the world, they they […]

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - Pilates for Tennis

The benefits of Pilates to improve athletic performance are endless. With a high impact, full body sport like tennis, a consistent Pilates practice is essential to not only keep the body injury free, but to also develop more strength and stability which will in turn drastically improve your groundstrokes, speed and agility on court.  As […]

Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates - Fix your bad posture

We all know too well, how warped our bodies can become after even just a few minutes of collapsing in front of a computer screen. Our friends at Pacific North West Pilates, have come together with a few great pointers for postural health while sitting at the computer, that we thought we’d share.  Sit further back […]