Got a man in your life that could benefit from some time at Full Circle?   Although, Pilates tends to seemingly draw in more women than men into classes, men have never been neglected from Pilates all together. In fact, they’ve always been part of the Pilates Picture. In case you didn’t know, Pilates was […]

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Are you expecting a child? Congratulations! It is now time to prepare you body and mind for the upcoming changes ahead. At Full Circle Studio, we can help you prepare for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy with various prenatal Pilates options for you. Sign up for a group Equipment, Mat or Yoga class online and […]

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Full Circle Studio is Vancouver’s only licensed STOTT Pilates teacher training facility. Every year, we help guide students along this new and exciting chapter of their careers and watch them grow and blossom as certified STOTT instructors.  One of Full Circle’s most recent graduates, Kathryn Carlberg, showed exactly what it takes to become a successful […]

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A quick Friday post to give you 5 fun facts about the human body that not many people know: Body odor is an individualized smell — unless you are an identical twin.  Overeating can actually reduce your hearing ability. Even though pain signals are processed by the brain, the brain itself does not feel pain. Your nose […]

Recent studies have shown that Pilates can help to boost productivity amongst office workers, not to mention lessen many work-related health issues such as chronic back pain, stress and bad posture. We found an awesome article that helps explain how Pilates is working it’s way from our studios to our desks! Read the original article […]

A quick Friday post to give you 5 fun facts about the human body that not many people know: An adult human body contains 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Our bodies have enough iron content to form a nail 3 inches long. Our eyelashes are home to tiny mites. The strongest muscle in the human […]

A quick Friday post to give you 5 fun facts about the human body that not many people know: Laughing can strengthen the immune system and reduce stress. The average six-year-olds laughs approximately 300 times a day whereas it is estimated that adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day. The half-moon shaped pale area […]

You deserve to get as much out of your Pilates practice as possible and as with many things in life – preparation is key You may find that changing your pre-Pilates routine will greatly improve the results you get from your class. Sustenance is probably the most important part of this preparation and Full Circle has a […]