We’ve basically found the best thing ever. Well maybe not the best, but it’s pretty darn good. With the sun beginning to beat down on us, somehow we begin to find ourselves turned half-camel, half human and guzzling back heaps of H2O. Don’t get us wrong, it’s crucial to drink lots of water during these hot summer days, […]

Full Circle Studio - Cardio Tramp on the Reformer - Vancouver Pilates

Cardiovascular exercise and Pilates both come with a wide variety of benefits, however choosing between which one is more suitable for you, depends entirely on your own personal health goals and needs. With that said, here are some things to consider when setting your personal health goals: ·Are you looking to gain muscle strength and/or […]

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Our feet are incredible.  We use them daily for just about everything, and yet they are seemingly one of the most neglected part of our bodies. Not only do we spend the bulk of our day on our feet, but we often choose to wear shoes that don’t offer our feet any support. Well, we […]

Full Circle Studio-Heather Laura Gray-Vancouver Pilates

Full Circle Instructor, Heather Laura Gray, has years of dance and dance teaching experience. Heather is one of Vancouver’s top rated choreographers, having worked on a variety of film and TV projects. Next weekend, Heather takes a short break from teaching Pilates at Full Circle Studio to present a contemporary dance show of her own creation: THE […]


Today’s Featured Exercise is a goodie… A tough one but a goodie! First of all, this exercise is a great way to see if one can even support their own body weight. THAT in itself is something to work up to! Once you’ve got that, adding the flexion and rotation is a stellar oblique exercise. Even […]

Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates & Health

Living with osteoarthritis comes with its challenges, but with the implementation of a consistent exercise program such as Pilates, pain and immobility no longer has to be at the forefront of your daily life. Pilates has chalk-full of benefits, and especially for those who experience pain from osteoarthritis. What we’re getting at, is that you don’t […]

Full Circle Studio - Shanti Uganda Society - Post Natal Pilates Vancouver

Did you know, 16 women die every single day throughout Uganda due to preventable causes related to pregnancy and birth? Are you familiar with the Shanti Uganda Society? Their aim is to improve infant and maternal health, and provide safe women-centered care to support the well-being of birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. […]

Full Circle Studio - Prenatal Postnatal Pilates - Vancouver Pilates

In the world of wellness, we hear a lot about the benefits of Prenatal Pilates, and how it helps release tension in the bodies of expecting mothers and how it helps them as they prepare for childbirth.  But what about Postnatal Pilates? At Full Circle, we’re passionate about helping people to achieve their goals, every step of […]