The Fleurilla Girls at Studio Full Bloom, have totally blown us away this time with their outstanding flower arrangements for their most recent botanical installation at Full Circle. Full Bloom is a local boutique flower and plant shop located just off Commercial Drive. With a mission is to spread beauty in the world, they they […]

Full Circle Studio - Vancouver Pilates - Pilates for Tennis

The benefits of Pilates to improve athletic performance are endless. With a high impact, full body sport like tennis, a consistent Pilates practice is essential to not only keep the body injury free, but to also develop more strength and stability which will in turn drastically improve your groundstrokes, speed and agility on court.  As […]

Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates - Fix your bad posture

We all know too well, how warped our bodies can become after even just a few minutes of collapsing in front of a computer screen. Our friends at Pacific North West Pilates, have come together with a few great pointers for postural health while sitting at the computer, that we thought we’d share.  Sit further back […]

Anula Maiberg, a remarkable Pilates instructor and co-owner of Sixth Street Pilates Studio in Manhattan, is paving the way for self-acceptance, self-empowerment and overall self-confidence in the fitness world. Maiberg is living proof, that embracing who you are, and everything that comes along with your own unique make-up, isn’t just beneficial for your own happiness, but […]

We’ve basically found the best thing ever. Well maybe not the best, but it’s pretty darn good. With the sun beginning to beat down on us, somehow we begin to find ourselves turned half-camel, half human and guzzling back heaps of H2O. Don’t get us wrong, it’s crucial to drink lots of water during these hot summer days, […]

Full Circle Studio - Cardio Tramp on the Reformer - Vancouver Pilates

Cardiovascular exercise and Pilates both come with a wide variety of benefits, however choosing between which one is more suitable for you, depends entirely on your own personal health goals and needs. With that said, here are some things to consider when setting your personal health goals: ·Are you looking to gain muscle strength and/or […]

Full Circle Studio-Healthy-Feet-Wellness-Healthy-Body

Our feet are incredible.  We use them daily for just about everything, and yet they are seemingly one of the most neglected part of our bodies. Not only do we spend the bulk of our day on our feet, but we often choose to wear shoes that don’t offer our feet any support. Well, we […]