Spring will officially arrive in Vancouver in just a couple of weeks! The snowdrops are ascending from the earth and the cherry blossoms will be beginning to open. And soon, Odlum Street will be in full-tilt blossom mode. The warmer weather will have us romanticizing about summer in no time, which also means we can […]

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There’s something really special about eating with the seasons… In the Greater Vancouver area we’re blessed with a bounty of incredible produce from squash and parsnips to rutabagas. But our personal favorite at Full Circle, is all the incredible apples that are harvested this time of year. On the blog today, we have our mouths […]

This weeks topic: Fascia! Fascia is an all-encompassing system which Victoria Pilates, defines as “an elastic connective tissue that runs throughout [the] entire body” and is made up of a “dense web of fibres.” One way to think of it, is that it is like the casing that encapsulates a sausage, or the white layer of […]

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Did you know… There are no bony attachments connecting our shoulder blades to the back of our body. The only skeletal connection between our shoulders and the rest of our body is in where the shoulder and clavicle meet, forming the AC joint. Essentially, muscles are responsible for keeping the shoulder stable and supported, making it […]


Summer has finally arrived and we just can’t help but get excited about one thing: taking our Pilates practice outdoors! All you need is a mat and if you’re lucky enough to have any of the following props (which FYI…are all available for purchase at the studio), throw them in your beach bag and off […]

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We snapped this pic of Susan, one of our fantastic instructors, teaching a mini-anatomy lesson in the middle of an Equipment class. Most of us know that Pilates is great for strengthening core muscles, increasing flexibility, and rehabilitating from injury. We’d like to take a moment to highlight a less talked-about benefit of Pilates: increased […]

In a recent post, we discussed whether or not playing music during Pilates is beneficial. We appreciated all of your responses, and because everyone is so unique, there is no right answer that works for everyone. Here at Full Circle, we love music. We have hosted lots of live music events here in our cozy […]