Full Circle Studio - East Vancouver Pilates - Fix your bad posture

We all know too well, how warped our bodies can become after even just a few minutes of collapsing in front of a computer screen. Our friends at Pacific North West Pilates, have come together with a few great pointers for postural health while sitting at the computer, that we thought we’d share. 

  1. Sit further back in your chair. If your feet dangle off the edges, place them on a foot stool to keep your body in proper alignment.
  2. Keep your wrists straight, and fingers floating above the keyboard. Think like playing a piano.
  3. Place your keyboard at a distance in which your elbows can draw back towards the sides of your ribs.
  4. Place your monitor at eye-level, to allow your neck and gaze to stay straight.
  5. Get up and move around and stretch for 5 to 10 minutes every hour. And don’t forget to come for your Pilates classes to balance yourself out after a long day sitting at your desk. Sign up online here!

Happy typing!!!