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Here we’ve brought together 5 of our favourite equipment-free exercises that we absolutely swear by. All you need is yourself and the best part is that each of these exercises targets all angles – legs, arms, hips and back. You’ll be feeling this all over, in the best way possible. We especially recommend this in the morning as an energizing wake up for your body. 


1) Single-leg Stretch

10–15 reps per leg and targets core

1. Begin with a neutral pelvis. (This is the position where the natural “S” curve of the spine is maintained by keeping your tailbone heavy while leaving a little space between your lower back and the mat.) Then, bring your legs up to 90-degree angles, knees over your hips—AKA tabletop.

2. Exhale to extend your right leg out to a 45-degree angle as you pull your belly button back toward your spine and up as if you were trying to connect it to your rib cage.

3. Inhale to draw the leg back to tabletop.

4. On the next exhale, repeat with the left leg. Maintain a stable pelvis and an engaged core throughout.

2) Bridge with Leg Lift

8–10 reps per leg and targets inner & upper hamstring

1. Begin on your back with your knees bent, feet flat, heels in line with your sitz bones (about two-fists distance apart).

2. Press into your feet to lift your hips up into a bridge, maintaining a neutral spine.

3. Extend your right leg straight. Reach it up toward the ceiling as high as you can while keeping your pelvis and spine completely still. Lower it back down as low as you can while maintaining a stable, neutral position.

4. Lift the leg for eight repetitions and then return the foot to the mat. Exhale and roll down from the bridge back to your mat, articulating through your spine one vertebra at a time.

5. Repeat with the other leg.

3) Side Plank Twist

15 reps per side and targets hips, shoulders & waistline 

1. Lie on your right side with your right forearm against the mat at a 90-degree angle, elbow under your shoulder. Reach your left arm up to the ceiling.

2. Float up to a side plank. Focus on pressing up from your hip and side waist while maintaining a wide collarbone.

3. Thread your left arm behind you through the space below your torso and the mat to twist. Reverse the movement to return to your starting position. Repeat on the other side.

4) T-Lift

8-10 reps and targets upper arms, shoulders & upper back

1. Lie face down with your arms stretched out, in line with your shoulders like a letter “T.”

2. Float your arms up about two inches as you raise your head, neck, and shoulders a few inches off your mat and into a small arch.

3. Reach your arms back toward your hips as you slightly increase the arch.

4. Return the arms to the T, then lower your torso and arms down to return to the starting position.

5) Front Support

10-15 reps per leg and targets front body, back body, side body, legs & arms

1. Begin in a plank.

2. Lift your left leg a few inches off the mat as you point your foot.

3. Flex your foot and return it to plank. Maintain a stable pelvis and a long reach from head to toe. Repeat with the opposite leg.

You can read more here on Erika Bloom’s killer Equipment Free Sequence. 

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