With Summer coming to an end, it’s no secret that we all struggle to adjust back into our Fall schedules and routines. While this crisp-aired season may feel daunting to many; as the leaves fall and the pages turn, it’s also an exciting and inspiring time for change!

Here are 3 easy ways
to land smoothly into your Fall routines:

1. Don’t panic!
Just because we are saying goodbye to Summer, it doesn’t mean you have to close the door completely. The days are beginning to get shorter, and the sun sets sooner, but that’s okay! September in Vancouver is generally a warm, mild month, allowing you to still get out for walks, enjoy a beach sunset, or afterwork patio lounging; so allow yourself to transition smoothly. As the nights grow longer, you will now have more time for indoor evening activities, like working out at your local gym or studio, making a healthy warm meal at home, curling up with a good book or movie, and the list goes on….

2. September is a great time to focus.
When Summer comes along, we often become so preoccupied with social events and outdoor activities that we often put our regular routine on the back-burner. Well, there’s no better time to get back into the swing of things than with the arrival of Fall. This time of year is a great opportunity to check in and make sure you’re going into this next year with your well-being in mind. Look ahead at your schedule so you create time for pleasurable and healthy activities.

3. Create a realistic schedule.
It’s time to reflect on what your ideal schedule is and to reconnect with the little things that make you happy. Exercising actually helps you produce endorphins in the body which creates a natural high that carries over throughout the rest of your day. So as your schedule ramps up, carving out time to take a class will actually help you feel motivated and inspired! Contact us today so we can help you transition smoothly into your Fall Pilates routine.

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