STOTT PILATES® Teacher Training Self-Guided Workouts on a Reformer Pilates Mat Pilates Equipment Studio Space

STOTT PILATES® Teacher Training

Full Circle Studio is Vancouver’s only certified STOTT PILATES® Teacher Training facility. See more about our upcoming Teacher Training.

Self-Guided Workouts on a Reformer

Come treat yourself to a self-guided workout on our Equipment!

Pilates Mat

Come experience our stabilizing and strengthening Mat classes!

Pilates Equipment

Full Circle Studio is fully equipped for Privates and Reformer classes.

Studio Space

Two beautiful open spaces to practice in See more about our classes

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Pilates 101 | Full Circle Studio

As a full mind & body exercise, Pilates is similar to yoga where it can help reduce chronic pains, strengthen the body through posture, and promote healing.

The beauty of the Pilates method lies in its versatility. It can be modified to suit anyone’s needs, from training professional athletes to rehabilitation patients.

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Pilates Classes

Full Circle Studio offers Pilates Mat and quartet Equipment classes of varying levels nearly every day of the week taught by some of Vancouver's most sought after Pilates instructors.

Studio Rentals

In the heart of East Van, Full Circle Studio has a large 750 sq/ft room available to rent for workshops, classes, dance rehearsals and community events.

STOTT® Teacher Training

Full Circle Studio delivers world class STOTT ® Teacher Training year round for mat, reformer, cadillac, intensive chair & barrel, and injury & special populations classes. All teachers are STOTT® certified.


Full Circle Studio is located in the heart of East Vancouver, just off of Clark Drive at William Street. What is the community saying about us?


Manifesto & Mandate | Full Circle Studio

Full Circle is a communal gathering place of healing to learn and be mindful of our bodies. Everyone has the power to make necessary changes to better our lives and inspire those around us. Full Circle Studio is a space to heal and learn from each other. We are a community created and dedicated to personal betterment through exercise, beauty, space, art and healing. Full Circle Studio encourages mindful living, creating a place for community to gather, create, heal and be moved!

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Why are Retreats important for our Wellness?

In just one month, Full Circle Studio will host our first ever retreat. So, why do we think that retreats are important? “Retreat” comes from the Latin verb “to pull...

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Warming Apple Crumble Recipe for Winter

There’s something really special about eating with the seasons… In the Greater Vancouver area we’re blessed with a bounty of incredible produce from squash and parsnips to rutabagas. But our...

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Welcome to the World of Fascia!

This weeks topic: Fascia! Fascia is an all-encompassing system which Victoria Pilates, defines as “an elastic connective tissue that runs throughout [the] entire body” and is made up of a “dense...

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Full Circle Studio - Pilates Vancouver - Private Pilates - Beginner Pilates

Why We Love Pilates for Treating Shoulder Pain

Did you know… There are no bony attachments connecting our shoulder blades to the back of our body. The only skeletal connection between our shoulders and the rest of our body...

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Take Your Pilates Practice to the Park

Summer has finally arrived and we just can’t help but get excited about one thing: taking our Pilates practice outdoors! All you need is a mat and if you’re lucky...

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Full Circle Studio Beth Dodd

Anchor in your Breathe with a 5-Minute Mindfulness meditation

  At Full Circle we like to think of ourselves as alchemists. Alchemists of ease, mindfulness and empowerment. One of the many ways that we achieve these qualities (besides Pilates...

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Watermelon Juice – Your Perfect Summer Refresher

Summer is almost upon us, and so is our favourite Summer fruit! Watermelon is soon to be popping up in all the local produce markets in Vancouver. Watermelon Juice is...

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The Benefits of Body Awareness

We snapped this pic of Susan, one of our fantastic instructors, teaching a mini-anatomy lesson in the middle of an Equipment class. Most of us know that Pilates is great...

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Our favourite Pilates playlist

In a recent post, we discussed whether or not playing music during Pilates is beneficial. We appreciated all of your responses, and because everyone is so unique, there is no...

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