STOTT PILATES® Teacher Training Self-Guided Workouts on a Reformer Pilates Mat Pilates Equipment Studio Space

STOTT PILATES® Teacher Training

Full Circle Studio is Vancouver’s only certified STOTT PILATES® Teacher Training facility. See more about our upcoming Teacher Training.

Self-Guided Workouts on a Reformer

Come treat yourself to a self-guided workout on our Equipment!

Pilates Mat

Come experience our stabilizing and strengthening Mat classes!

Pilates Equipment

Full Circle Studio is fully equipped for Privates and Reformer classes.

Studio Space

Two beautiful open spaces to practice in See more about our classes

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Pilates 101 | Full Circle Studio

As a full mind & body exercise, Pilates is similar to yoga where it can help reduce chronic pains, strengthen the body through posture, and promote healing.

The beauty of the Pilates method lies in its versatility. It can be modified to suit anyone’s needs, from training professional athletes to rehabilitation patients.

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Pilates Classes

Full Circle Studio offers Pilates Mat and quartet Equipment classes of varying levels nearly every day of the week taught by some of Vancouver's most sought after Pilates instructors.


In the heart of East Van, Full Circle Studio has a large 750 sq/ft room for mat and yoga classes which are offered by experienced and certified teachers instructors.

STOTT® Teacher Training

Full Circle Studio delivers world class STOTT ® Teacher Training year round for mat, reformer, cadillac, intensive chair & barrel, and injury & special populations classes. All teachers are STOTT® certified.


Full Circle Studio is located in the heart of East Vancouver, just off of Clark Drive at Charles Street. What is the community saying about us?


Manifesto & Mandate | Full Circle Studio

Full Circle is a communal gathering place of healing to learn and be mindful of our bodies. Everyone has the power to make necessary changes to better our lives and inspire those around us. Full Circle Studio is a space to heal and learn from each other. We are a community created and dedicated to personal betterment through exercise, beauty, space, art and healing. Full Circle Studio encourages mindful living, creating a place for community to gather, create, heal and be moved!

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Staying hydrated after Pilates and why it’s so important!

We all know that hydration is important.   When it comes to Pilates, getting a massage or any other type of exercise or bodywork, it is of increased importance!   ...

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5 Ways Pilates Can Help You Age like an Olympian

According to a new study from the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal, the higher level of fitness we reach in our lives, the higher our fitness level...

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A few of us here at the studio are cutting down on our coffee intake. As you fellow coffee lovers will know, it’s not easy to do! We love our...

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Full Circle Studio Mat Class - Pilates Movement Arts

Deepening our Practice in the New Year

At Full Circle, we prefer to think of New Years as an opportunity to reinvest in what inspires us. If your resolutions inspire you, they are more likely to stick! If...

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Winter Squash, Apple & Red Lentil Stew

This delicious, warming soup is a great way to enjoy the longest nights of the year. This recipe originated as an attempt to create something with what was in the...

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What inspires us at Full Circle Studio? …YOU!

We believe that this time of year should be less about making resolutions, and more about sourcing inspirations. If your resolutions inspire you, they are more likely to stick! What inspires us at...

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Miracle Detox Bath

Alright, we’ve hit the sweet spot when it comes to self love. This time, we’re talking about the holy-grail of baths. But… it’s not just your average bath. This my...

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Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Topping (Gluten & Sugar Free!)

Tis the season…. to gorge out on all the delicious treats right??! What’s better than reconnecting with our loved ones during the Holidays than over delicious food? We say nothing…....

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Full Circle Holiday Closure Dates

  Hello beloved Full Circle community! With the holidays coming up, we will be closing up shop for the following days at the studio. Monday December 25th Tuesday, December 26th...

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